Height Safety


The right products

As an independent entity with access to all major makes of respiratory and height safety equipment (including MSA, Ferno, Draeger, Sala, Scott and Sundstrom) we can recommend options and supply equipment which best suits your specific needs and budget. 

Respiratory Safety Equipment:

  • SCBA (Self Contained Breathing Apparatus) - Used wherever actual or potential contamination endanger the health of operators. We have equipment available to satisfy all customer functionality, practicality and price needs

  • Escape Sets - With very short assisted breathing time, Escape Sets are designed to protect the wearer during forced escape from contaminated areas in emergency situations

  • Airline Trolleys - Trolley based breathing apparatus for longer duration use that can be supplied as stand-alone units or as mobile or fixed back-up for reticulated breathing air


  • Medical Air Respirators - Standalone  breathing apparatus comprising medical air regulator, hose, waist belt/harness manifold, lung demand valve and mask. Used primarily for confined space access particularly within the gas industry

  • Cylinders, Breathing Air Masks, Lung Demand Valves (LDV), Hoods and Filters - For alternative air supply, contact flow, LDV based systems, canister masks and powered air respirator systems

  • Airlines / Reticulated Breathing Air Systems - Designed, manufactured and installed by highly qualified and reliable subcontractors - Further Information

  • Hoses and Fittings - Australian Standard specification breathing air hose and fittings sourced from major manufacturers 

  • Filtration Equipment - Breathing air filters and assemblies for reticulated air systems covering single or multiple users

  • Medical Oxygen Resuscitators - For use in pools, sports facilities, medical centres, ambulances and lifesaving situations - Further Information

Height Safety Equipment - We can supply a full range of height safety products including complex tripods and davits.

PPE Compliance Kits - We stock complete PPE compliance kits for ammonia based refrigeration users